An interspecies, modular Orchestra.
— by Tritone Crisantemo

The Masterplants Orchestra is an interspecies orchestra.

This means that we play music with other species from this planet. In this case we are talking about plants.

In order to play music together with plants we have been using the technology from "Music of the Plants" and we have recently invented and built our own op source "MasterPlants Symphony" device with the help of technology designer and builder Martin Luckmann, in order to have a more complex and musical instrument.

Playing music with plants is a great adventure into the understanding and logic of the Plant species, with whom we share this planets biosphere and with whom we are intrinsically and biologically connected.

Through the exploration and collaboration with the plant world we are expanding our consciousness and learning how to live more harmoniously.

The MasterPlants Orchestra is Modular experience.

This means that the orchestra consists of a few core members always creating and building the project and at the same time is joined a wide array of musicians from all over the world.

This constellation allows a varied and colourful musical expression that integrates professional musicians and instrumentalists, each with their own story, style and ethnical background.

It is important for the MasterPlants Orchestra as Human beings to act as a bridge between different the many worlds that exist on this planet and we deeply value and appreciate the immense complexity of expression of all the of the species with whom we are sharing a divine, spiritual and physical ecosystem.