Interspecies Music (2018)

The Interspecies Music Album is our first large scale interspecies album.

With help and collaboration from our friends and professional musicians from very diverse styles of music and the wondrous, unpredictable nature of plant music, this album takes us on a refreshing ride through both comfortable and unknown territory, into the depth of a new age of music. A new age where the Human Being, aware of its intrinsic connection with its enviroment, begins to explore the co-creational art of Interspecies Music.

Recorded over the course of 2017 and 2018 in various live and studio conditions and by combining the individual talent and styles of the musicians, we have obtained a set of songs that we are very happy to present to you.

We hope you will enjoy.

Floral Elements (2017)

This is an Ambience Album, sometimes soothing, sometimes mildly disturbing in its tendency to gently push the listener outside of the general comfort Zone of the Western Audience.
To make an album like this takes skilled musicians that can actually understand the musical patterns the plants apply. Music that is somewhat Alien to Humans because they have not yet learned the musical systems applied by humans like for example rythm and major and minor chords etc.
We Hope you will enjoy this exploration of interplantetary space and if you wish to support us by buying the album. Please know that you are also supporting the further development and production of this incredible Music.

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The Sun

Zigola interacts in melody and words with her Peace Lily. The melodies brought by the plants are perceived as healing by many. The bio electrical signals of the plants are translated into midi, which are combined by sounds appropriate to the plant's expression. In a studio set up, Zigola sings with the her Peace Lily (by the name 'Witje') as she experiences the interaction, as if playing with a human musician. She repeats melodies, as also the plant seems to respond to her melodies and words. The result is a combination of ambient sounds of the plants and Zigola's soothing voice. On the track 'You are Loved' Zigola also plays the Duclar (a wooden flute) and a shell percussion instrument.


The Bamboo and the U1

Developed by the Damanhurian based Company Solera and "Music of the plants" The Bamboo and its older brother the amazing and original U1, offers a quick and easy way to listen to music of the plants or do plant intelligance research in your lab or in your home or even on the go.

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The MasterPlants Symphony

Our own "MasterPlants Symphony" Device is Capable of a heavier workload when orchestrating concerts with many plants lights and professional audio hardware.

The Masterplants Symphony Device is Open Source and built from Arduino Technology and can be made by anyone with the technical skill to build it.

If you are interested in working with us in development, artistic installations or want more information about the "MasterPlants Symphony" device.

Please write us an e-mail at: