Apple Tree Sessions - Copenhagen August 2018

by Zigola

This week we are recording at Benjamin's place, Frederiksberg Copenhagen. A sweet little country house near the train tracks. A house with a garden in the city. Or rather a garden with a little house.. in the city. Here we record new Masterplants music, inviting musician friends and connecting to new musicians that synchronically come on our path. Tritone and I traveled to Copenhagen last week from Italy. Three days by car, through Switzerland and Germany, staying at friends along the way, bringing our recording gear.

The sessions at Benjamin's house we refer to as Apple Tree Sessions, because of the beautiful apple trees in the garden that are sharing apples so abundantly at this moment. Every day we collect kilo's of apples that we turn into apple mash. A gift from the garden that helps us to be grateful to nature's gift and help us to be connected in our body's with the territory where we are playing with the plants. To make more music, celebrating beauty, connection with others and connection with all that lives, earth.

We have done three days of recording now, two more to go. And all days have been completely different, with mostly also different musicians. Musicians with different backgrounds, classical, jazz, dance improvisation composer, intuitive plant contact singer, beats creator, tablas percussionist, royal orchestra violinist.. Every day we learn new things, from the other musicians, in an exploration how to play with plants.

Some music experiences that I found precious.. The first day we played with the U1 Music of the Plants device (see This device enables the plant to play only in E major. After so many musical explorations in the same scale, we discovered after playing and brainstorming how to avoid falling into the same chord progressions and resolving in a predictable way. We were confronted with our comfort zones and got out of it. We also integrated the new drum computer that Tritone bought, which created an amazingly fun danceable version of plant music.

The second day we were immersed in the beauty of two string instruments, the upright base and violin. Andreas and Tanja. Together with Benja on percussion and our new plant device, the Masterplants Symphony. We will post some takes soon.. The mastery of Tanja and Andreas was so enchantingly amazing.. being in the middle of their sound, their creativity, in connection with the plants, exploring together, felt so magical. Very precious also was the suggestion of Andreas to sit around the plant and chant, tone, just use our voices to explore the connection with the plant and harmonize between us. And we ate some good apple mash. Benja added some very nice ingredients.

Today we met the Italian guitarist Alex, who was so open and sensitive to the plants and felt that he had to change his pace, in order to be more in sync with the plants. Honestly curious of finding an interaction, he listened and followed the plants melodies. Tanja joined us again and today we found ourselves in an open space of listening. Space for everybody, we opened up and left room and thanks to the Masterplants Symphony device we left space for the three plants we hooked up to play together, creating a magical atmosphere. We integrated Benjamin's hand signal method, the element key, to conduct our improvisations in a way to leave each other and the plant even more space, creating more musical variety.

I am so exited to be part of this organic project. Organically growing, learning about plants and music. I feel it' s beautiful to record these sessions in the city. Cause in the city the plant contact is so needed. In the city we are likely to disconnect to our roots, and miss out on the joy and lightness and wisdom nature contributes to our lives. It's moving to hear the city garden playing and interacting with us. In music, and in apples.

Zigola is singer, flutist and organizer for Masterplants, she's instructor of plant communication for the Damanhur University and specializes in connecting to nature through the use of the voice.

Alex Benjamin and Tanka Apple Tree.jpg
Masterplants Orchestra