Autumn Tour Announcement

We are excited to announce this years fall mini tour in Italy and in Spain. The Band will consist of Chiyo Baba, Piano (Japan), Benjamin Hedengran, Percussion (Denmark) Zigola Pioppo, Duclar and Voice (Damanhur) Kenneth Lorentzen, Synthesizer (Denmark/Germany) Tritone Crisantemo, Synthesizer and Plant Technology (Damanhur) and of course the main protagonists PLANTS!

We have just finished the new MasterPlants Symphony device and are looking very much forward to presenting this new milestone to the world. The New device allows for up to 8 Plants to play together and for new musical features such as rythm/polyrythm, subdivisions and more.

The musicians on the tour are highly skilled and we are looking forward to hearing them together with the ever unpredictable music of the plants.


Masterplants Orchestra