Vineyard Recordings in Tuscany - September 2018

Vineyards of Fattoria Castellina Toscane

Vineyards of Fattoria Castellina Toscane

This month we are working on recordings of vineyards in Castra, Toscane. We have been invited by the Fattoria Castellina to make the protagonist of their wines sing. The owner of the Fattoria, Minotauro, said he would like that the people who drink their wines could connect to the plant.

Minotauro has been working for over 30 years with the vineyards, he knows to communicate with them. As a child he went into the fields to be at home with the plants, that would give him comfort and be like a listening ear. And he would hear their messages. Working with the vineyards to him is a spiritual practice, to transform the gifts of these plants into biodynamic wine, respecting the earth’s gifts.


He would like that people enjoy his wines, not just as an entourage of a dinner, but also in a leading role. He contacted us and shared his vision of people drinking his wines, while they listen to the symphony of the protagonist.

He asked us to come because he knew of the creation of our Masterplants Symphony device. The device that can connect 8 plants simultaneously to play in symphony, creating harmonies that can ease listeners into a musical logic that’s somewhat different than the human creativity. Like everything in nature, also the music of the plants, has a natural irregularity. No melody is repeated in the exact same way, their is no logic or pattern that creates an expectation for the listener to ease into. Every note and every melody is created as if there is no past.

Tritone as a Vineyard Deejay

Tritone as a Vineyard Deejay

We were sitting in the rows between the grapes, between the plants, listening to this music, the raw material, while looking over the valley of Florence, near the city of Da Vinci, feeling the breeze, hearing the buzzing of insects, and the melodies of the plants. We will be working on editing and the design of the sounds for each grape in our studio in October, finishing the vineyard recordings.

Listen below to the first track we finished of the Syrah grape. It’s only the vineyards playing! Isn’t it amazingly beautiful!

By Zigola.

Zigola is singer, flutist, sound designer and organiser for Masterplants. She is instructor of the course Communication with the Plant World for the University of Damanhur, Italy.

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