88 word Bio

Masterplants is the world’s first interspecies orchestra. Using modern technology to play music with the Plants. Converting plant’s biorhythms in musical notes and flows. Musicians, plants and sound engineers co-create a sound experience taking you on a sense travel to nature, awakening in you that which you have always known; nature has its song, its harmonies and these sounds are created to unite and vibrate as one. A concert of Masterplants is a life altering experience opening doors in you to a new awareness of Plant’s Presence. 


Extended Bio

Masterplants Orchestra are artists, musicians, sound engineers and technology researchers. Their research is inspired by the technology of the Music of the Plants, as developed by the Community of Damanhur. The Masterplants Symphony device brings plant music to a next level, making up to 8 plants play contemporaneously, using quality soundscapes and adding sensitive musical and poetic human plant interaction. The pioneering Masterplants Orchestra collaborate with varying musicians from their network in the world, from classical schooled violinists to tribal percussionists. Every song brings a new sound experience, taking you on a travel through the plant world, through forests and inside of you.


‘un concierto que no ha dejado indiferente a nadie’ (a concert that has left nobody indifferent) - TV Program: "Ancha es Castilla", CMM (Spanish TV)






5 XLR-XLR cables

2 long balanced jack cables

5 normal mic stands

1 low mic stand

5 plants (see specs)

Plants: we ask the organisation to bring five plants with leaves or succulents in pots to the venue. We don’t travel with plants, since plants are doing better when they have a stable place to live, and are in danger during our tours. Therefore we prefer to connect to local plants. It’s nice to have some eye catchers so the audience can both hear and see the plants also from a distance.


Booking and info:


tel: +39 3895763189